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Nintendo Duel Screens 61 – Indie-Visible | Guest Host Laurent Mercure | Chainsawesome Games | Aftercharge

We are fully-charged and ready for action as Guest Host Laurent Mercure, Marketing Monkey & Community Papa of Chainsawsome Games, joins us to talk about Aftercharge – a 3V3 FPS title that pits the invisible against the invincible. Gamescom 2018 also came and went and it did not disappoint as a butt-load of indie games were announced/confirmed for the Switch. Inkypen draws up some Hype Zone realness and last but not least, the Retro Game Club reveals the importance of naked chicks in advertising.  

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Podcasts Press X To Win

Press X To Win 21 – Gamescom Extravaganza!

On this weeks episode of Press X, the crew talks about all of the announcements at Gamescom, including a classic Jake rant about the new WoW expansion. Even the Sony fanboy has something nice to say about Microsoft! Then we go over esports. Good? Bad? What the hell is an esport? Find out on this weeks Press X To Win.

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