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Life Is Strange Before the Storm Appears at Microsoft Showcase

After announcing its development a few weeks ago, Square Enix showed Life is Strange Before the Storm at the Microsoft showcase. The trailer looks to introduce us to a prequel story about Chloe. Square Enix will release the first episode on August 31.

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Trophy Whores 305 – Expo of Platinum Prophecies

This week, we share our predictions for the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017.  As every year, the competition is fierce.  Alex and Mark are each looking to claim his first victory, while Tricky and Yield look to repeat previous wins.  Yield has won twice; Tricky won last year.  While everyone is confident that he has the best lineup of predictions, this year, it’s anyone’s game.  Well, Jeff Goldblum isn’t playing, so I guess he can’t win.  Bill Pullman isn’t involved; he’s out.  You know, let’s exclude the entirety of the Independence Day cast.  They’ve got another shitty sequel to film.

Our focus might be situated on E3, but the latest PlayStation Plus freebies for the Instant Game Collection are about to drop, and you know that we need to talk about Killing Floor 2 and Life is Strange.  Mark wants in on the intense action of Killing Floor 2, while Alex wants to play Life is Strange and show off his shutterbug skills.  All things considered, June comes in as another strong month for PS Plus.

Join the Trophy Whores as they discuss, among other things, PlayStation Plus, Need for Speed: Payback and Life is Strange.

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Life Is Strange Full Game Review

There is a certain joy in playing point and click adventure games because they don’t require a lot of finesse. The one major element that keeps a gamer engrossed in a point and click adventure is a fun and entertaining storyline. Gamers need a plot to keep the game going. That’s where Square Enix new digital game, Life is Strange, comes into the mix.


Life is Strange comes into its own fruition with an intense and interesting twist that provides mixed feelings when it comes to completing the 5 part episodic adventure. Life is Strange centers on Max Caulfield, a student at Blackwell Academy who possesses the ability to travel back in time. Max somehow stumbles across this ability when she tries to protect her friend, Chloe, from getting shot. Max’s interference in her friend’s death spirals into new and unforeseen events that can make a gamer want to proceed through the game’s plot. In an attempt to make things right, Max has one week to use her new ability to fix social events at Blackwell Academy, find Chloe’s missing friend, Rachel, and prevent Max’s vision of a tornado from devastating the town of Arcadia Bay.
The control scheme for Max is very simple. The game allows Max to walk around certain areas where Max can look at people and objects, interact with objects, take photos of the unique and intriguing environments, and make dialogue decisions that affect future interactions and events for Max.


While the control scheme is easy to use, the game truly shines through Max’s interactions and dialogue with the citizens of Arcadia Bay. The character in the series is impressive and left me wanting to know more about every person Max comes across. Your choice in dialogue can affect how one character reacts or thinks throughout the entire game and may set you down a certain path in the game. The different interactions can change the plot and tone of the entire game. Of course, the gamer an reverse time to choose t different dialogue before progressing through the story. I often replayed chapters to see how the different dialogues and interactions affect the characters and plot.


While the character interactions and story shine through the game, they also provide a very dark and intense storyline that will make you reluctant in your decision to proceed through the story. The game centers on the theme of the Butterfly Effect where Max’s attempt to change time creates alternate realities that will shock and scare you. Saving a character’s life in one part of the game creates a different timeline that can leave another character in a devastating predicament. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone reading this article, but there was one particular episode where a character asked me to make a decision so horrid and frightful, I had to walk away from my gaming console in tears.


The dark plot and themes involved in Life is Strange may not be for everyone. In fact, there is a message at the game’s menu screen that links to a crisis and suicide hotline for anyone to call if they were deeply troubled or burdened by the plotline. I will post the link at the end of this article as a safety for any reader who is worried about what they will see.


Life is Strange may be tough to play, but those that can work though it are rewarding with a rich and engrossing plot. If you are into plot driven video games and can work through the tough choices one teenage student can make in one week. You might want to prepare yourself and bring tissues.

LIFE IS STRANGE Talk website link:


Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Announced

Panache Digital Games, the studio co-founded by Assassin’s Creed, Assassin’s Creed II, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Creative Director Patrice Désilets, announced today their very first project, Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is a third person action-adventure survival episodic game. In each episode, you guys and gals are going to relive the greatest moments of mankind with a documentary stylization.

While that’s not a lot to go on, I’m imagining something very similar to something Telltale would make or even Life is Strange. However, the documentary take is quite interesting from someone who’s played a lot of these types of games.

Panache didn’t go on to say a whole lot more other than “stay tuned much more to come in 2015!”

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