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Proven Gamer Presents: Battle Lounge Show Down

Proven Gamer is sponsoring and hosting an online Street Fighter V tournament featuring fighters from all over the country including our very own Frosty & Bbuttonguy. We will be broadcasting live on our Twitch channel at Sunday, May 22nd (time tba)   Come have some fun with us!

Registration for this event has already ended, but we would like to continue these type of community events either monthly or bi-monthly with the latest fighting games, first person shooters, and more, so there will be opportunities for everyone to sign up and be a part of the fun!

We greatly appreciate everyone’s support and would like any feedback and suggestions in the future.

For more info on this event be sure to follow us on Twitter @Provengamer and Like us on Facebook at

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact the event moderators on Twitter @MGS_Daniel25 (or email at  and @MagicJerryFresh


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Capcom Reveals Street Fighter 5 Cinematic Story Mode

It was revealed earlier today by Capcom in a trailer that Street Fighter V will be focusing more on it’s story by implementing a Cinematic Story Mode, showcasing the roles of some of the newer characters, as well as the familiar ones. Although details on the story have not yet been revealed, we see the trailer opening up with Fang (a new fighter on the Street Fighter roster) using a machine to summon a portal leading to M.Bison’s reign of power, and it’s up to the protagonists to once again hone their fighting techniques and stop the threat.

Click the video below to view the trailer, and for more Street Fighter V news, be sure to visit