Detroit: Become Human stage demo

Guillaume De Fondaumiere showed up to show off some of Detroit: Become Human. The crowd was used to help Guillaume make decisions in the game. Over the course of the demo we’re show just how many choices we can make in any given situation and just how those decisions can effect the outcome. Starting with Connor, the main character, walking into a hostage negotiation in an apartment. This is an extended demo of the trailer we’ve seen before.  Connor pokes around the apartment searching for evidence that will ultimately help him negotiate with the criminal outside. After sometime searching the apartment we’re greeted with the scene we’ve all come to know with the hostage taker on the roof and the demo ends with Connor calming the perp down using different responses. Some of the responses were unlocked because of how much evidence had been found in the apartment. Ultimately, when the time is right the crowd decides the time is right to shoot the criminal and save the girl and the demo ends.  No official release date was given but Detroit: Become Human is still expected in 2018.

By Matt Murray

Like most other people here I'm a lifelong gamer. I have a soft spot for retro indies but will play just about anything if it pulls me in enough.

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