GameStop Partners with Amazon for Trade-In Program

Amazon and GameStop are partnering up to make it easier to trade-in games and use the credit to purchase whatever the shopper pleases. Starting on June 7, gamers will be able to take games into a GameStop store and put the trade-in credit onto their Amazon accounts. A message that was posted to all GameStop employees gave more information on the new program:

“Starting in June, Amazon shoppers will be able to apply their GameStop trade credit and cash towards their Amazon account. This exciting addition to our trade program is intended to drive incremental trades into stores, helping your team meet trade and inventory goals. On 6/7, the GameStop logo will be added to Amazon’s website to promote this program. Interested shoppers will request a barcode on that can be used in GameStop stores like an Amazon POSA card.The added store traffic driven by this program is sure to help increase digital sales and the potential for guests to purchase other products in your store.”

This means that the credit being collected won’t have to be put towards games, but shoppers can use it to purchase anything on Amazon. While the program will help shoppers get more variety, GameStop expects to have an increase in store traffic which will lead to more sales.


The Importance Of Casinos In Grand Theft Auto

The San Andreas edition of Grand Theft Auto features a total of thirteen casinos, so you can take it for granted that they are a very important feature of the game. However if you want to enjoy a little gambling on the way, there are only three in which you can enjoy a few games of blackjack, roulette or slots. The important three are the Four Dragons Casino, the Casino Floor, Caligula’s and Tham khảo thêm về nhà cái casino uy tín nếu bạn thích KU Casino, Palace where you will also discover wheel of fortune, video poker, virtual horse racing and pool.

Once you start a game of San Andreas Grand Theft Auto you don’t have a big enough bankroll to play the usual casino games, so you need to build it up playing pool and making a few horse racing bets. In reality this isn’t too difficult, you seem to win on horse racing a little too often for it to be random (yes, it really is biased in your favor) and playing pool is really not very difficult at all, but you will like it if you’re into gambling, and if you want to do some real bets online, you can go to sites as sbobet online to do some gambling on the web.

The game features a stats page and one of the stats is your gambling skill. The higher the score gets the more money you are able to win on the casino games. Also the more often you gamble, the bigger your maximum stake becomes. However this is a whole lot easier than playing at a conventional online casino like, in fact if you are any good at all you are likely to max out your skill level within half an hour.

One feature of the game you will enjoy is the ability to borrow money from a casino and what will happen to you if you fail to repay the loan. The heavy mob sets out to get you but don’t worry too much. Just make sure that you are well armed, shooting them is easy and when you do you can take their money, and they always have plenty of it.

If you enjoy gambling, then this is the best Grand Theft Auto yet.

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Miracle Cup: Simulation Racing Tournament

The number 3 Proven Gamer Chevy Camaro is one of thirty-two cars racing in this year’s Miracle Cup!

The Miracle Cup is a simulation racing tournament benefiting pediatric care and research at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Saturday, October 19th, all of our drivers will hit the virtual asphalt with one goal, one driving ambition, to make sure that when they cross the finish line, it’s the kids of the Yakima Valley that win.

Please help us meet their goal by clicking “support me” and making a tax-deductible donation. ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.

For more information, visit


Drive A Nissan GTR Around Silverstone Track

We have celebrated the upcoming release of Mario Kart U by picking some real life inspirations to add to your shopping go-kart. It’s been five years since Mario Kart Wii hit store shelves and for anyone without a Nintendo DS, it’s been a tire-some wait indeed.

But with new footage unveiled at the recent E3 games expo in Los Angeles, the very latest Mario Kart has got everyone at excited.

The unofficial champion of the kart racer, Mario Kart’s greatness is owed to its outrageously adorable and whacky characters, insane environments and iconic projectile attack system, all components we wanted to celebrate.

In celebration of the news and all the game’s best features, we’ve compiled a list of real-life cars that would be perfect fits for our favorite Mario Kart characters. Mario Kart Starting Grid


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