The Official Proven Gamer Friends List

We are aware that many of you got gaming consoles for the holidays and wanted to make sure we can game with you. Below is a list of our gaming ID’s to make sure we are friends

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Alex RaiseHavok
Yield Iyield2no1
Stephen batchild27 SW-4129-9744-6985
Kalai Maile1978 Maile21 SW-7991-1342-2323
Joe Mrtmnt84
Kory TheGrounddGamer
Matt S mateo83
Jeremy jvader82
Andy Scissorman
Luke Yakurider ThatRudeDude
Matt M mistanuff mistanuff
Jerry nachoboy333
Roberto vectorman88
Brian AzGhostt



We Have Launched A Patreon

More than six years ago, Proven Gamer was born with a bunch of hardworking dedicated people who never asked for anything other than the ability to get their voices out about video games.

Thanks entirely to your love and support, Proven Gamer has grown to levels we never expected. So that’s pretty cool. Thank you.

Thanks to you, the world has a new No. 1 PlayStation podcast on the east coast, the best wrestling podcast on the Internet and two up coming podcasts, Nintendo Duel Screens and Game Stuff

Its come time to pay the staff, but unfortunately, our sponsorships are few and far between.

No matter what tier you support us at here on Patreon, know that your subscription allows us not only to eat, pay our utilities, and make rent, but to produce better content for you as well.

Proven Gamer simply wouldn’t be a reality without the support of thousands of our biggest, most ardent fans on Patreon, and for that, we thank each and every one of you. So whether you just give us a buck a month, or even up the ante to one of our higher, premium tiers, know that you’re part of the engine that makes Proven Gamer go.

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A Playstation Gamer’s case for buying XBox One X

The Xbox One X is right around the corner and pre-orders have been selling well. Until the past few days, however, I have not been interested in the least. As an ingrained Playstation and rekindled Nintendo gamer, the need for an Xbox in my house is nearly non-existent. Lets face facts: Xbox doesn’t have many games that Playstation doesn’t have. Then a little game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds takes over the world, selling 10 million copies. The desire to play the game is only halted by my PC’s inability to run the game. And there is where Xbox One X comes in.

In a recent episode of Trophy Whores, the topic of Microsoft including Keyboard and Mouse to their system came up. Some believe that this renders the console market moot from Microsoft’s standpoint. Why bother buying an Xbox if it is going to have the same experience as a PC? While that seems like a decent argument to have, that is precisely why owning an Xbox One X sounds appealing to me.

While I have one of those modern corner gaming desks for work purposes, my current PC set up is too old to upgrade single components at a reasonable price. It appears, after scouring Reddit and, it would cost around $800 to upgrade my PC to its highest possible specs, and even then it would be a 6 year old PC. So it appears that I should go to the drawings board and build a PC from the ground up. Every person I speak to regarding a build says about the same thing: it will cost around $800 to build one to run most of today’s games, but if I want to future proof myself a little it will cost around $1500. This is when things start to make sense to me. The clouds clear. I hear the birds chirping.

If Microsoft is making all their games come to PC…doesn’t that mean that PC games will go to Xbox One X? Especially after they implement Mouse and Keyboard support? With Battlegrounds already coming, that seems like it could be the shot heard ‘round the world, so to speak. It makes sense. I, a Playstation gamer and longtime Xbox detractor…should spend the $500-plus and just get a One X!

Think about it! It isn’t so much that it will take place of my Playstation (let’s face it, regardless of how good One X games will look, Playstation still has infinitely better exclusives), but it could take place of my gaming PC, while I still keep my PC around for basic functions. This is the market I believe that Microsoft is trying to hit with the One X. Convert lapsed PC players to One X players for less than half the cost to have a comparable PC, give them Keyboard and Mouse, and all the games they love.

Of course, I will probably buy nothing and just envy those who can, but I think the argument can be made for the One X outside of just having THE MOST POWERFUL CONSOLE EVER MADE!

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Dark Souls 3 Naked and Afraid Push up Challenge

The Remember the Loot crew has decided to take on the Dark Souls 3 push up challenge. The catch is they have to use a character with no body armor and a club. Rules of engagement are as follows:

  1. Play until you die or beat a boss, then pass the controller
  2. 10 push ups per death
  3. You can level up, but no body armor and you have to use a club
  4. If you can no longer do your push ups you are eliminated from the competition
  5. Last man standing is crowned the champion

This is the first episode in the series that can be found on YouTube. Check it out and let the Loot Crew know what you think! Don’t forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe!

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New York Snark Exchange Stream #6: Dishonored PREVIEW!

This week, the NEW YORK SNARK EXCHANGE returns for their sixth stream on the eve before MAGFEST. Snark Brokers can tune in at 9:30 EST on PROVEN GAMER’S TWITCH channel to see Ray play DISHONORED, the game critics say “a title that Chris wasn’t particularly good at.” While we witness first persons MURDER STEALTH DEATH KILLS, the gang discusses MAGplots, Assassin’s Creed skipping 2016, and Daigo vs Lupe’s Twitch fight being fixed or not. It’s 90 minutes for plague rats and profanity, as only the New York Snark Exchange can deliver!


The Stream starts at 9:30 EST. Watch it here, or on Proven Gamer’s twitch channel

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