June 21, 2024

Proven Gamer

Home Of The Trophy Whores Podcast

We Have Launched A Patreon

More than six years ago, Proven Gamer was born with a bunch of hardworking dedicated people who never asked for anything other than the ability to get their voices out about video games.

Thanks entirely to your love and support, Proven Gamer has grown to levels we never expected. So that’s pretty cool. Thank you.

Thanks to you, the world has a new No. 1 PlayStation podcast on the east coast, the best wrestling podcast on the Internet and two up coming podcasts, Nintendo Duel Screens and Game Stuff

Its come time to pay the staff, but unfortunately, our sponsorships are few and far between.


No matter what tier you support us at here on Patreon, know that your subscription allows us not only to eat, pay our utilities, and make rent, but to produce better content for you as well.

Proven Gamer simply wouldn’t be a reality without the support of thousands of our biggest, most ardent fans on Patreon, and for that, we thank each and every one of you. So whether you just give us a buck a month, or even up the ante to one of our higher, premium tiers, know that you’re part of the engine that makes Proven Gamer go.

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