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Would you like to work for Proven Gamer? We’re always looking for those willing people to do various jobs. If you’d like to apply, just fill out the simple contact form below and let us know what position you’re interested in. Additionally, you can just email us at with your writing sample and name. No prior experience is required, just the desire to play games and express your opinions. Good luck!

Current Position Vacancies:

Editor – Someone who can read through submitted reviews and features to make sure they’re ready to post. Must excel at writing and proofreading, and be able to return edited articles within 48 hours (but sooner would be even cooler!) of receiving them. As an Editor you are also welcome to write reviews/features the same way as described below under “Reviewer”.

Reviewer – Play video games, write reviews for them. Pretty simple! But, you have to be consistent and be able to maintain frequent communication with staff. It also wouldn’t hurt to be good at writing, as well!

Video Editor – This one is more self-explanatory. We here in the editorial staff at PG aren’t exactly ‘good’ video editors, and we’d like to have our Let’s Play videos look cooler! If you have knack for video editing and video games, then you might be a great fit.

Podcasters – Whether or not you have a Current podcast or have an idea for one, we are looking for you! You must provide a show on a regular schedule and must have your own editor.

Social Media Manager – Someone who has knowledge of all social media outlets and how they work. You must be willing to work to promote the site through social media including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter

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