E3 2017

“South Park Phone Destroyer” mobile game announced.

South Park is about to take over your mobile gaming life.

South Park: Phone Destroyer was announced by Ubisoft this afternoon. It appears to be a card battler with the crude humor we have come to expect from Cartman and the boys. Look for it to hit iOS and Android later in 2017. See the trailer below:

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Nintendo Switch

Mario and Rabbids Crossover Reportedly in the Works for Switch

Kotaku has reported that Ubisoft is working on a new RPG for the Nintendo Switch that will feature Mario and Rabbids. The game’s title is being reported asĀ Mario + Rabbids Kingdom BattleĀ and will come out sometime between August and September.

Several details about the game were released as well. Below is a list of some of the key selling points of the game.

  • turn-based combat
  • two-player local co-op
  • a goofy sense of humor

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