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Trophy Whores 448 – Fall Guys Rising

Join the whores as they discuss, among other things, PlayStation 5 pre-orders, Fall Guys, PlayStation Plus games and the 2020 Game Awards.

We are happy and proud to share that Proven Gamer has partnered with the Humble Bundle! The Humble Bundle is a fantastic initiative and program that allows games to score a litany of games on the cheap — all while making charitable donations to various groups and organizations. You can click here for the details on Proven Gamer’s Humble Bundle partnership.

In a bit of big news that would make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles proud, iHeartRadio, Pandora and Spotify host episodes of Trophy Whores. It’s a tremendous honor for the show to be part of two massive and respected entertainment communities, and Proven Gamer have only the fans to thank for pushing the podcast to soaring heights. The Trophy Whores work hard to put out a quality weekly show, but they owe so much love to their listeners, who keep the show strong and growing.

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Monster Hunter Crossover Costumes Coming to Street Fighter V

Before the launch of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Capcom announced that there would be crossover costumes coming into the game from other Capcom franchises. Today, three new, Monster Hunter costumes were announced for Ken, R. Mika, and Ibuki. Ken will receive the Rathalos Armor set, R. Mika the Zinogre, and Ibuiku the Kirin Armor.

These costumes will be acquired through Street Fighter’s Extra Battle Mode. Players will have to complete a set of four challenges over a one month period. At the end of the month, if all challenges have been finished, they will be rewarded with the costume. Each challenge will cost players fight money to enter. In order to obtain all three costumes, players will need at least 30,000 FM.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC. Check out the launch trailer for the game below:

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Kolin Coming to Street Fighter V February 28th

Kolin, the phantasm of snow and ice, is the next character to join Street Fighter V as part of the Season 2 Character Pass. Excelling in the Russian martial art of Systema, Kolin (rhymes with ‘Jolene’) gives her opponents the cold shoulder by using their momentum against them to execute various slash-like attacks and knife hand strikes. Having been bestowed with the power of ice, her fight style is augmented with frigid blasts and deadly icicles that can freeze the heart of even the most hot-blooded street fighter.

Kick some ice as Kolin when she joins the fight on the 28 February. Check out the reveal trailer for Kolin below:

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Trophy Whores 286 – Octagonal Kiwami

This week, Tricky does his best to spit on the Engilsh language.  Tricky lectures people on the correct pronunciation of “mozzarella,” but as soon as he tries to say, “octagonal,” he stumbles through the word like a drunk rampaging through a Waffle House at two in the morning.

Episode 286, which brings us another week closer to our stupendous 300th show, marks the first time that the five illustrious and talented Trophy Whores record simultaneously.  Given our busy lifestyles, it’s quite an achievement — especially with a WWE special presentation, Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2016, on tap for the evening. The gang is all here, and we’re ready to dish on the latest news from the PlayStation Experience.

Join the Trophy Whores as they discuss, among other things, LEGO Worlds, The Last of Us 2, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, Rocket League, Yakuza 6, Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series.

Telltale Games has shown that they are capable of doing excellent work with popular licensed comic and film properties, we expect nothing less from their version of Guardians of the Galaxy.  Though largely unknown until a few years ago, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy grabbed mainstream attention when James Gunn’s movie adaptation lit the silver screen on fire and earned Marvel Studios a spaceship full of cash.  With endearing oddball characters who look out for the safety of the universe, it’s hard not to root for the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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6 Tips to Get Better at Street Fighter 5

Fighting games can be a blast to play. However, for new players to the genre, early experiences can be extremely frustrating. When you lose in a fighting game, there is no excuse other than that your opponent was better than you in that match. This is especially true for beginners. With the first season of Street Fighter V wrapping up, and Capcom Cup 2016 just around the corner, here are some basic tips for new members of the fighting world. Keep in mind, these steps are not just to help you improve your fighting skills, but also how to have fun and enjoy the experience.

1)Find a Character You Enjoy


Once you venture online into ranked or casual play, get used to seeing Ryu and Ken early and often. These two fireball throwing warriors have been staples of the game dating back to the beginning. They are balanced characters that can do damage from a variety of ranges and are great for learning the basics of the game. However, just because Ryu and Ken are icons of the franchise, don’t feel like you have to use them. Find a character that fits how you want to play. Want to play high octane, fast paced, and try to keep your opponents guessing? Give Rashid a whirl or take a stab with Vega. Combatants like Dhalism, Nash, and Guile both allow you to fight from a distance. Characters like Zangief, Mika, and Laure will keep your grappling skills polished. Every fighter in SFV can be dangerous and effective. Finding the style you like will put a smile on your face and make losses and learning experiences much more enjoyable.

2)Training Mode(Easy Combos, Range of Attacks)



The best part about training mode: unlimited do-overs and nobody hits back. Any fighter’s move set can be a daunting thing to look at for someone not familiar with Street Fighter. Start at the beginning with training mode. Try out each basic and special attack against a static opponent and get a basic idea of what kind of range and effectiveness each attack has. Figure out some easy combos to chain together for some additional damage. Most importantly, start working on your muscle memory. Approach training with the goal of getting things to the point where you can perform any move with your eyes shut. After you get a feel for the basics and want to see where you stand, give online a shot when your ready. Treat your first fights as a learning experience. What worked well? What didn’t? Take that stuff back into training mode. Embrace the challenge of getting better. Also, remember that this is a great place to practice against fighters that give you a hard time. Just pick the character you need to practice against, take them out of dummy mode, and ramp up the difficulty level(5 or 6 usually does the trick).

3) Learn with Friends

Street Fighter on your own can be a grind and a challenge. Street Fighter with a friend who knows the same or less than you can take a frustrating experience and turn it into an amazing evening. Trying to learn on the fly in versus mode, yelling advice at each other in online bouts, and breaking things down after each fight can take every controller throwing moment and turn it into an hilarious one. There is nothing better than rolling on the floor laughing every time Fang tells you to “Take the poison!”. Versus mode also gives you the chance to play as every character and figure out exactly who your main will be.

4)Defense Defense Defense

The common saying may be “the best defense is a good offense”, but in SFV, your best offense early and later on may just be a great defense. With the removal of chip damage to win a round(with the exception of Critical Art), blocking, V-Reversals, and anti-airs can get you wins early and often. The rush of blocking a flurry of attacks just to counter with that combo you have been working on makes all the hard work feel like it is really paying off. Learn how to play defense and you can extend the length of battles and in the process learn how to punish over-aggressive players. Blocking successfully can help build confidence to continue moving forward.

5) Know When to Step Away

No matter how much practice you put in, your gonna lose your share of matches when you go online. Losing in fighting games as a beginner can create plenty of frustration. Training mode and powering through online are great ways to improve. However, like anything else in life that can give you a hard time, sometimes it is best to just walk away. Put down the controller, take a walk, and cool off. Let you brain reset and calm down. Once you think you’re ready, hop right back in!

6) Search Out Additional Resources


A final way to learn the ins and outs of Street Fighter, watch the professionals. Find out who the best players in the world are at using your character and observe what they do. Then take what you see into training mode and try to recreate it. Beyond simply watching the best in the world, players can also learn from them by taking lessons. CrossCounter Training is a site that was developed by Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, a mainstay in the fighting game community. From the site, players can schedule training sessions with him, as well as some of the best players around the world. In a one hour session with any of the trainers, you can learn things about the game that could take weeks to understand on your own.

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Proven Gamer Presents: Battle Lounge Show Down

Proven Gamer is sponsoring and hosting an online Street Fighter V tournament featuring fighters from all over the country including our very own Frosty & Bbuttonguy. We will be broadcasting live on our Twitch channel at Sunday, May 22nd (time tba)   Come have some fun with us!

Registration for this event has already ended, but we would like to continue these type of community events either monthly or bi-monthly with the latest fighting games, first person shooters, and more, so there will be opportunities for everyone to sign up and be a part of the fun!

We greatly appreciate everyone’s support and would like any feedback and suggestions in the future.

For more info on this event be sure to follow us on Twitter @Provengamer and Like us on Facebook at

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact the event moderators on Twitter @MGS_Daniel25 (or email at  and @MagicJerryFresh


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Capcom Reveals Street Fighter 5 Cinematic Story Mode

It was revealed earlier today by Capcom in a trailer that Street Fighter V will be focusing more on it’s story by implementing a Cinematic Story Mode, showcasing the roles of some of the newer characters, as well as the familiar ones. Although details on the story have not yet been revealed, we see the trailer opening up with Fang (a new fighter on the Street Fighter roster) using a machine to summon a portal leading to M.Bison’s reign of power, and it’s up to the protagonists to once again hone their fighting techniques and stop the threat.

Click the video below to view the trailer, and for more Street Fighter V news, be sure to visit