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Proven News Wrap-Up 9/21

News, and subsequently news stories, can be very fluid. With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes stories will slip through the cracks. Well, the Proven News Wrap-Up is here to fix all that! Below are what we have determined to be the top stories for the week of 9/21. Although they are numbered, they are not ranked in any particular order.

1) Sony Reveals PlayStation Classic

After the success of Nintendo’s NES and SNES classic, there was a lot of talk about whether other hardware manufacturers would give the classic console a shot. Sony has jumped on board, announcing the PlayStation Classic. Releasing on December 3rd at $99.99 the console will come pre-loaded with 20 games. So far, Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms have been announced, with more games to be revealed down the road. The console will also come with two controllers, HDMI Cable, and USB Cable.

The list of games coming to the PlayStation Classic is the most interesting part to track going forward. One of the problems Sony faces with this console is that the original PlayStation’s library is massive, with fan favorites all over the place. No matter what 20 games go on the c0nsole, some will be happy, others will be disappointed their favorites didn’t make the cut. Either way, seeing classic games kept alive is always a good thing. Let us just hope the availability problems of the NES and SNES classic don’t rear their heads for Sony.

2) Downloadable Games Coming to PlayStation Now

Back in mid-June, a photo leaked showing PlayStation Now giving subscribers the ability to download games directly to their hard drives. Jump ahead several months, and rumor has become reality. PS4 and PS2 games on PlayStation Now can be now downloaded and played without streaming the game. In a post to the PlayStation Blog, Sony explained that along with the games being downloadable, players will be able to transfer their saved game status of any streamed game to continue to playing locally(PlayStation Plus subscription required).

The problem with PlayStation Now has always been the internet speeds required to stream a game. With that variable out of the equation, the service just became a lot more viable for users looking to access Now’s lineup of titles. It gives Sony a competitor to Xbox’s Game Pass, although I wouldn’t expect new releases to go straight to PlayStation Now anytime soon. Either way, this is a good move for Sony.

3) PUBG PS4 Hits Korean Ratings Board

When PUBG was announced for Xbox back at E3 2017, it was revealed as a “Console Launch Exclusive”. This left the door open for the Battle Royale game to eventually make its way to PS4. Well, that announcement could be right around the corner, with the Korean Ratings Board listing PUBG for PlayStation 4.

If PUBG is coming to PS4 soon, it is releasing at an interesting time. Fortnite is the go-to Battle Royale game for the console, and it is free-to-play. Not to mention that Blackout, Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII’s take on the genre is coming in mid-October (and is coming off a successful beta). The big question looks to be if PUBG is coming to PlayStation, can it find a foot in the market with Fortnite already dominating, and Blackout right around the corner.

4) Red Dead Online Gets Beta Release Date

Rockstar has been trickling out information for the single-player of Red Dead Redemption II for some time now. However, little to no information had been revealed about the online functions of the game. In a post to their blog, Rockstar has announced that a public beta for Red Dead Online will launch in November. In the post, Rockstar talked about how the core mechanics from the campaign will translate over to Red Dead Online allowing players to explore and fight together.

If GTA online is any indication, Red Dead Online has the potential to suck players in for hour upon hours of crazy fun. At this time, there still much information about what players will be able to do in Red Dead Online, but just a date for the feature is enough to get everyone excited.


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Proven News Wrap-Up: 3/23

News, and subsequently news stories, can be very fluid. With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes stories will slip through the cracks. Well, the Proven News Wrap-Up is here to fix all that! Below are what we have determined to be the top five stories of the week. Although they are numbered, they are not ranked in any particular order.

1)  Ubisoft Avoids Vivendi Takeover

This has been a slow-burning story that looks like it has finally reached its conclusion. Vivendi, the French media company, had slowly been buying up Ubisoft stock in an attempt to take over the gaming company. Throughout the process, Ubisoft had been looking for ways to prevent this from happening, and they were finally able to. With assistance from Tencent and the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan, they were able to buy out the 27.3% of the stock owned by Vivendi. From a gamer’s perspective, Ubisoft maintaining its independence is huge. It allows them to continue to pump-out games from all of their franchises, while still being able to innovate and bring new ideas to the table.

2) Sea of Thieves Shaky Start

When it comes to games with a heavy online component, launch day stability is one of the greatest challenges. Release day for a game is likely when most games will see the heaviest traffic on their infrastructure, with everyone logging on to check out whatever they have been waiting months, if not years, to play. Sea of Thieves, Microsoft’s exclusive pirate game from Rare, was no exception. On the day of its release, Rare had to temporarily stop allowing new players to join the game while dealing with server and connectivity issues.

Server issues like this have become common with game launches, to the point where it is almost expected. It is totally reasonable to say that in time, the servers for Sea of Thieves will stabilize and people will have no issues logging onto the game. However, what is more concerning for Sea of Thieves is the early feedback on the game itself. When joining up with friends, if someone is to join in late, that often requires all players to exit the game and start over. Unbalanced PvP combat gives the advantage to full squads of four (there is also no way to turn off PvP at this time). Combat is reportedly incredibly basic, with sword fights boiling down to who can mash the fastest. The mission structure seems to be very repetitive, with things boiling down to go to a location, find a chest, and return to your outpost (there are also combat based missions that follow a similar thread but instead of a chest, you are tasked with taking out a pirate captain). Microsoft doesn’t have a lot of exclusives, and Sea of Thieves is one that was pushed hard by the company. Let’s hope that content updates and patches can make the game the pirate adventure everyone is looking for.

3) God of War Goes Gold

Yes, games going gold is part of development process and happens to every title that is being developed. However, from its reveal at E3 2016, God of War has felt like it has the potential to be something really special.

On the surface level, God of War seems new and fresh. A new Kratos trying turn the page and become a dad for his son Atreus, a new mythology and world to explore, a new weapon (axe hype!) for Kratos to wield, and a different camera angle and combat mechanics. All of this and more makes God of War stand out from the older games. However, when people got their hands on the game early this week, there was plenty of familiar elements as well. Despite the new camera and controls, combat was still as frantic and brutal as ever. Puzzles still play heavily into the game as well. This balance of old and new gives God of War a chance to be one of the great games of 2018.

4) CD Projekt Red Launches New Studio

The reveal trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 was released back in 2013. Since then, CD Projekt Red has been relatively silent when it comes to breaking news about its new, open-world game. The last activity on the game’s Twitter feed came when they simply tweeted out the word “beep” with no other information or context.

So when it was announced earlier this week that CD Projekt Red had created a new studio, CD Projekt Red Wroclaw to help with the development of Cyberpunk 2077, people, myself included, got excited. Even though there isn’t any news about the game itself along with the announcement of the studio. It is the latest reminder that this game is a real thing that we will get to play at some point. CD Projekt Red is one of the few studios out there that operates on its own schedule. They will show off more of Cyberpunk 2077 when they are good and ready.

5) Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG Go Mobile

I don’t think the announcements of Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds releasing on mobile is a huge surprise. The reason it is a big deal is that it is further evidence that these two games aren’t going away anytime soon. Regardless of how bad the touch controls are, or if they are buggy, launching mobile versions of these games opens the door to an entirely new audience base for both titles. In recent weeks, Fortnite has gone from PUBG’s competitor to something entirely new and unique in the public eye. Athletes, celebrities, and everyone in between seem to have been sucked up into the behemoth of a hype train that is Fortnite Battle Royale. This was highlighted when Ninja, one of top Fortnite players teamed up with rapper Drake and set a Twitch record with 630,000 concurrent viewers. The battle royale genre bubble may very well pop at some point. However, I don’t think it is happening anytime soon.

Did we leave out any of the big stories of the week? Leave them in the comments below!