June 19, 2024

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Trophy Whores 221 – 22 Thin Mints And A Microphone

The person who owns the Thin Mints holds the power.  If you — as I do — believe that, then Tricky, who has 22 boxes of Thin Mints, is the ruler of the world.

This week, as every week, we inundate your ears with silliness and randomness.  We’re professionals (at being silly and random). Join our ragtag band of rocker wannabes, as we discuss, among other things, Rocket League, Disney Infinity, Guitar Hero Live, Mighty No. 9 and PlayStation Plus.

Donny (again) laments Activision and FreeStyle Games’ oversight of Bone (Thugs in Harmony), but, on the bright side, he didn’t pay to see the latest Fantastic Four movie.  Marvel probably wants that franchise back.

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