July 22, 2024

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Trophy Whores 232 – The Hideo Kojima Patch

After playing games for nearly 24 hours, Tricky is tired,  but he still hosts the show.  Tricky participated in Extra Life 2015, which has raised over 20 million for the Children’s Miracle Network, and reached his goal of $200.  The Trophy Whores often tease Tricky, but the guys are proud of him.

On this episode, Donny spits fire like a dragon protecting a grove of chocolate Easter bunnies.  Donny has never been happy about Konami’s decision to split from Hideo Kojima, the father of Metal Gear Solid, and it seems that his ire burns brighter than ever.  If Donny had his way, Konami would release a Kojima patch for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Join our sleepy foursome Extra Life supports and marathon gamers, as we discuss, among other things, Extra Life, Tales from the Borderlands, Street Fighter V, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.  Even though Ace Venture: When Nature Calls is the superior movie, the original film has the biggest revelation: Finkle is Einhorn; Einhorn is Finkle!  Snowflake the dolphin hasn’t been the same since that day.

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