June 21, 2024

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Catlateral Damage Review

Do you like Cats? Do you like unnecessary destruction of someone’s house and home? Then boy do I have a great game for you to play! Catlateral Damage is a game that puts you in the paws of a normal everyday house cat! Where your only objective is to knock everything from every surface to the floor! Each level has a required amount of items that you need to knock to the floor, as well as bonus items that give you more points if you reach their individual quotas.


The game lacks in terms of playable modes. The first mode being the aforementioned play style where nothing is safe from the unholy wrath of the Cat, or there’s Liter Box Mode, where as far as I could tell, everything was already destroyed and you could just bat the remains of everything.


Where the game lacks in modes of play it makes up for in playable “characters”. There are a wide variety of Cats to choose from, anywhere from your regular house hold cat to Catzilla! Mind you, these wicked cats aren’t available from the start. You have to gather the collectables in the game (which are pictures of other cats) or meeting the standard to unlock a trophy i.e. collecting all of the cat pictures.

Each Cat has the same skill set:



However every Cat has different levels to these skills. This is where my first problem with the game arises. There are these special events that take place during the game, chasing lasers or having a disco party that give you power ups to max out one of your skills for a limited time. That is the only time I can see a difference. Other than that you’re getting smaller upgrades from doing normal tasks (unrolling toilet paper, using the litter box, or playing with cat toys,) but these smaller upgrades from what I could tell BARELY do anything to increase my stats.

That and the lack of playable modes are the only gripes I had with this game. But other than that, this is a very solid indie game that I can see myself wasting many an hour in.


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