June 20, 2024

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Remember The Loot 32 – Barbie And Ken Smith. A Date To Remember

Looooooooooot! Once again the Loot Crew gets crazy in part one of this week’s podcast gold. Episode 32 of slam full of News, trophy pops, special guests, and Barbie! That’s right the Loot community has spoken and the guys listened sonBarbie and her Sisters were on the menu. The Loot guys dove into Puppy Rescue full force saving the innocent little animals from sewers, mazes, streets and suburbs. This week Residentdarrell, Frosty, Tbyrd, and Bbuttonguy, were joined by a good friend after a date gone sour. So live on Twitch the crew did all they could to cheer up their friend while still going through News for Noobs and playing Barbie. Super Mega Rapid Fire tackles E3 and the infamous question of the week has the Looters remember their favorite concerts.

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