June 15, 2024

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Playstation Neo confirmed!

Hello all you Sony fans! ProvenGamer has some big news that you will be excited to hear. This week, Sony finally confirmed The PlayStation Neo. The PlayStation Neo is an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4 with some exciting new features. The frame rate will run faster (2.1 MHz) over the current model and the bandwidth is said to increase by at least 20%.

The graphics cards will be improved to create a new look to PlayStation games but more importantly will have 4K support for HDTV. Where or not this will impact the way games are made is up in the air, but this provides a whole new support to the library of 4K movies coming out.

Unfortunately, Sony will not have a demo available for gamers at E3, but the ProvenGamer staff will keep an eye out for all news and updates on the PlayStation Neo. For all things related to Sony, stay tuned to ProvenGamer.com.

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