April 22, 2024

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Trophy Whores 264 – Mightiest Number of 3

Alex runs the show this week, so you know that he’s gonna wreak Havok — like Alex Summers in X-Men: Apocalypse.  When Tricky is away, the Trophy Whores will play like three bandits who happen upon an unsupervised truck of video games.  The Trophy Whores, and Proven Gamer, don’t endorse larceny, or theft of any kind, but if it will make for a good simile in a banner introduction, then we’re all for it.  Truth is, we appreciate great video games, clever pop culture references and brilliant similes.

This week the Trophy Whores mix new- and old-school, as they take you to the depths of Rapture and the woods of Whispering Rock Summer Camp.  With BioShock and Psychonauts on the agenda, Alex perks up like a Green Bay Packers fan in September.  Tricky perks up during football season, too, because it means that comic relief, courtesy of the New York Giants, is on the way.

Join the Trophy Whores as they discuss, among other things, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, BioShock Infinite and Mighty No. 9.  Critics have not been kind to Mighty No. 9, Keiji Inafune and Comcept’s spiritual successor to the beloved Mega Man series.  While bad reviews can be detrimental to sales, Alex, a longtime Mega Man fan, and Yield aren’t deterred by the naysayers.

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