April 22, 2024

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Trophy Whores 269 – Tricky’s Division From Reality

We’ve often teased Tricky about his passion for The Division.  We’re not saying that it’s a terrible game, but if Tricky champions it with an unmatched fervor, then we’re going to take our shots.  Unfortunately, for Tricky, our wicked squad of ardent trophy hunters has grown by two people for episode 269.

Even if you change your name, Antisocial Gamer, you will always be NMReign.  As with that bespectacled, stripe-shirted scamp, Waldo, we see past your tricks and lies.  Reign, you can brandish a fancy new name, but it doesn’t erase your villainous past.  We know your game: You hunt Trophy Whores.

We’re relying on the Ionvein to keep us safe.  With a name like that, Lucia has to be some sort of superhero.  How else could he fly in and steal our listeners’ hearts?  Unless … he’s a witch!  Is he?  No.  No, he can’t be.  Witches play games on the Xbox One.

This week the Trophy Whores test their luck, as they welcome to the show — for the second week in a row — the infamous, dangerous and ingenious Troy.  He’s like Freddy Krueger — except he attacks you while you podcast.  Podcast dreamworld is a dangerous place, with hordes of Xbox owners and the Trophy Whores killer mucking about.  There’s trouble to be found if you travel down the wrong alleys.  Donny ventured down the alleys of Black Velvetopia, and he bought Psychonauts for the PlayStation 4!  Donny bemoans the prevalence of remasters, remakes and ports.

Join the Trophy Whores as they discuss, among other things, Batman: The Telltale Series, Indigo Prophecy, No Man’s Sky and Suicide Squad.  Critics have largely panned Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad, but it made an impressive, record-breaking amount of money in its opening weekend.  If nothing else, Suicide Squad proves that people don’t listen to critics.  Suicide Squad might be polarizing, but if you’re a fan of the villainous team and its components, then go see the movie and decide for yourself.

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