June 21, 2024

Proven Gamer

Home Of The Trophy Whores Podcast

End Of Business

After much deliberation, I, the Troyce of Reason and desTroyer of insipid arguments, vacate my seat on Trophy Whores.

In recent weeks, a vocal minority has complained that my contributions vary from the core content of the show, and I feel that this unwanted discussion has irked listeners and sullied the unquestionable reputation of the Trophy Whores podcast. As a longtime fan of the show, I want to ensure that our listeners hear the most relevant content and news. As is, I feel that I detract from the core content and purpose of the podcast, which is unfair to our listeners and my fellow co-hosts.

I have enjoyed my time as a co-host, and I want to thank the fans for their emails and engagement. Without you all, Trophy Whores has little significance. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to record with such knowledgeable, outstanding and handsome fellows. Episode 300, a landmark accomplishment, was a rousing success; I can’t wait to see Trophy Whores reach even greater heights.

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