June 15, 2024

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Killing Floor 2 Coming to Xbox One

Tripwire Interactive has announced that the survival shooter Killing Floor 2 will be coming to Xbox One on August 29 of this year. The game will also have an Xbox One X version ready for the launch of the new console. Along with all previously released content, the Xbox release will include new content that will be exclusive to Xbox for a period of time.

This version of the game will come with the Freezethrower, an Xbox One exclusive weapon for the Survivalist Perk. The Freezethrower comes with eight weapon skins to customize your weapon’s appearance. Also, you can sport the Wasteland Armor uniform, an Xbox One exclusive cosmetic outfit, with five different styles.

It has also been announced that Killing Floor 2 will have customized support for Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming service. Check out the latest trailer for the game below:

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