April 12, 2024

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PGW: INvector is pulsing its way to PlayStation 4

Music rhythm games aren’t anything new, but it is fascinating to see how inventive they can be. Players have seen themselves shredding on the likes of Rocksmith, Rockband, and Guitar HEro, but from the releases of these games come experiments within the music genre. Mad Fellows Studios has released the EDM spaceship shmup Aaero this past summer, while Bento Studio’s Cosmophony and Stereo Aereo from The Stonebot Studios fill in the ranks. Coming into the competition is a unique combination of spaceship shmup and rhythm based gameplay in the form of Invector.

Invector is a game two year in the making, featuring handbuilt levels and customized gameplay design that has taken the genre to a unique level. Players will fly through gates and portals across several planets in a path that looks familiar to those that have played amplitude. Setting itself apart, Invector will feature the music of world-renowned EDM artist Avicci, known for his energetic sounds and inspiring lyrics. Using his music, and featuring a stellar presentation,  the game is shaping to be a bright, exciting addition to the genre, as well as a solid sendoff to the year 2017.

Invector will be arriving exclusively to the PlayStation 4 sometime before the year ends.

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