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Trophy Whores 108 – Another 100th Episode

Your Whores may not always be on time, but good things come to those who wait! The guys are here to discuss how to handle your vita, a new metal gear game possibly,  how the Plus users on the EU store are getting the better end of the deal, and much much more

We appreciate you listening!!

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By Trophy Whores

ProvenGamer's Official PlayStation Podcast. From Trophy Strategies, New & Upcoming Games, Rumors And More, The Guys Cover And Talk About Anything And Everything Sony Related.

One reply on “Trophy Whores 108 – Another 100th Episode”

Listening to the podcast, and I already got the Tomb Raider PLATINUM! So the funny thing about Tomb Raider multiplayer trophies is that you don’t have to prestige three times, you only have to get to level 60 and use the “character purchase glitch” where you select the prestige 3 character and then go to the other faction and select a character you have not purchased and press (I believe triangle and circle) at the same time and it will swap back to the prestige 3 character on the other faction asking you if you want to purchase him, and it works! I did it and got the trophy that way, super easy. I heard they will patch the game soon to make the prestige 3 character free too so it won’t require you to prestige, so that’s good!

Anyway, I’m still listening to the show! This is late but happy 100! Keep up the awesome work

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