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Hyrule Warriors

Like Legend of Zelda? Dynasty Warriors? Well why not like both? At E3 this year Nintendo has released info about the rumored game Hyrule Warriors and has announced the name is going to stick. At E3 they showed a demo of the game in which the game was like the traditional Dynasty Warriors games. Where there are areas, traps, special techniques and that the player can interact with the environment to further the battle. Now the game is not apart of the timeline, it is a game that’s on the side and is a title that is there for fun.

The main plot, that we know of so far, is that the Sorceress Cia has become evil. The once balancer of the Tri-Force, is now causing chaos throughout the land of Hyrule. Link is a young soldier in the Hyrulian army before he was chosen as the bearer of the Tri-Force of courage, now he is a general in the army and he leads troops in order to save the land. Dynasty Warriors always has a vast amount of playable characters at one’s disposal, as far as we know there are going to be quite a few but we only know of a few. They are Impa, Zelda, Link and Midna. Each with their own fighting styles and I would believe stories.

In the Demo, the player needed to catpure certain areas and use the magic circles within to try and lower the Dragon in order to battle it. They had to repeat this until they reach the Fairy Fountain where the Great Fairy dragged down the moon to take down the dragon. The fairy, I believe, was what they intended for the fairy to look like in Ocarina of Time and the moon was the moon that was threatening to be smashed into Hyrule in the same game. Link however, seemed to not have the Mastersword in the demo, so I am guessing that as in the usual Zelda games, he gets it later in the game. As a Dynasty Warriors fan and a Legend of Zelda fan I am eagerly waiting for this game, and wait I shall. For the game will not come out until September 26th, 2014.

By True Darkness

Hey guys I'm a 90's kid so I enjoy my Mario, my Sonic and my other old time favorites. I like to play videogames such as Skyrim, Dark Souls, Minecraft and some fps but not many. I read a lot so I can suggest some good fantasy stories if anyone wants to ask. I think this is going to be fun :).

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