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External HDD Support Highlights PS4 4.50 Update

Today PS4 beta program members gained access to some of the new features that will be released with the 4.50 system software update. Below is a list of some of the features that will be coming with the new update.

External HDD Support

Up until now the best way to expand the amount of storage with the PS4 was to replace the internal HDD. With the new software update gamers will be able to use external storage to give them even more space. The PS4 will support USB 3.0 HDD for external support. All content that is saved to the external drives will show up on the Home Screen like any other application.

Custom Wallpapers

Along with purchasable and free wallpapers, users will now be able to use screenshots as their backgrounds. Gamers will also be able to do some minor editing as a way to keep things clearly visible on the Home Screen.

Quick Menu Refresh

Improvements have been made to the PS4 Quick Menu. The menu will now take up less of the screen and include the ability to create, join, and invite friends into parties.

Streamlined Notifications

The notification menu has been streamlined into one simple list as opposed to the different sections in previous versions of the system software.

Sony has not announced the launch date for 4.50 but has said that it will likely be coming in the next few weeks.




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