Trophy Whores

End Of Business

After much deliberation, I, the Troyce of Reason and desTroyer of insipid arguments, vacate my seat on Trophy Whores.

In recent weeks, a vocal minority has complained that my contributions vary from the core content of the show, and I feel that this unwanted discussion has irked listeners and sullied the unquestionable reputation of the Trophy Whores podcast. As a longtime fan of the show, I want to ensure that our listeners hear the most relevant content and news. As is, I feel that I detract from the core content and purpose of the podcast, which is unfair to our listeners and my fellow co-hosts.

I have enjoyed my time as a co-host, and I want to thank the fans for their emails and engagement. Without you all, Trophy Whores has little significance. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to record with such knowledgeable, outstanding and handsome fellows. Episode 300, a landmark accomplishment, was a rousing success; I can’t wait to see Trophy Whores reach even greater heights.

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