E3 2017

New Games Announced for PSVR

Several new games were announced for PlayStation VR.


A gameplay trailer was shown for Skyrim, which will be coming to PlayStation VR. The trailer showed off gameplay, using multiple weapons, all through a VR perspective.

Star Child:

The trailer started showing off a factory environment. The game showed off a large mech picking up a person before cutting to the logo.

The Inpatient:

A horror game coming to VR, the game showed off a patient in an insane asylum.

Final Fantasy XV Fishing:

The fishing mini-game from Final Fantasy XV will be coming to VR. Monsters of the Deep will launch in September of this year.

Bravo Team:

The first person shooter showed off a team based tactics as a unit moved their way forward up a street, taking down enemies along the way.


The trailer showed off a mouse with a sword and backpack, making his way through the woods. Platforming, puzzle-solving, and combat mechanics were shown, as the mouse made its way through a variety of environments, before running into a massive snake.

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By Jerry Young

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