E3 2017

Sony Announces PlayLink for PS4

Sony has announced a new feature coming to PlayStation 4, PlayLink. PlayLink is a second screen experience designed to enhance the experience of social play in certain games. The idea for the feature came from Until Dawn and the social experiences people had playing it together. Much like the Telltale social play system, players will vote on different elements of a game. Smartphones will be used for the controller for games that use PlayLink.

Two games were used to show off PlayLink.

Hidden Agenda:

Hidden Agenda is in development by Supermassive Games, the developers of Until Dawn. The gameplay trailer showed off a tense setting, with players making decisions to solve a murder. The main character will be a detective in charge of solving the crime.  The game will launch in 2017.

That’s You:

That’s You is a game that will allow players to vote on who would fit different scenarios. From the second screen, people will vote on who would be most likely to do certain things. The game will be coming out July 4 and will be free to PS Plus users for a limited time.

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