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Last Jedi Content for Battlefront II Launches Today

EA has released the first free set of new content for Star Wars Battlefront II. The content, which is themed after the upcoming film Star Wars: The Last Jedi will add new heroes, villains, locations, and single-player content. All of this will be free content.

Finn and Captain Phasma will join the game as playable characters in multiplayer. Both of them will be unlockable without spending any credits. Along with the new characters, two new maps, straight from the movie are out now as well. Crait is now playable in Galactic Assault, while the Resistance Base on D’Qar will be available for Starfighter Assault.

In addition to the multiplayer components, the first expansion of the single-player campaign is also out now. Players will be able to continue the story of Iden Versio, as she uncovers new information about the First Order that helps set up the events of The Last Jedi.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the trailer for the new content below:

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