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Trophy Whores 343 – God of War Ushers in E3 News

Well, after a few short breaths to recover from PAX East, we’re discussing early news for E3 2018.  While it might seem obvious that Anthem and Fortnite have been pegged for the biggest annual electronic entertainment expo in the U.S., we take every opportunity possible to discuss Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 — the sequel to Tricky’s favorite video game.

Ubisoft is building hype for The Division 2, and while we’ve shared some cheap laughs at the expense of The Division, the original game, Tricky hasn’t let that damper his excitement for the sequel.

Join the Trophy Whores as they discuss, among other things, the Mega Man X Legacy Collection, Donkey Kong and God of War.  It’s going to be a momentous week for PlayStation 4 owners, as we — finally — get God of War.  After brutalizing and humiliating the gods of Mt. Olympus, Kratos steps into Norse mythology, which sets him against new foes — some of who are, you know, kind of enormous.  And while Kratos has a checkered past, he’s once again a father, so we get to see a new dynamic of the storied antihero.  This time, maybe we can remove the “anti” label from his description.  If Atreus can anchor Kratos’ heart, then we might be able to see the heroic side of Kratos that has been buried deep beneath pain and torment.  We’ve had glimpses of hero Kratos, but they have been mere flickers of light in a dark, vengeful and bloody history.

We are happy and proud to share that Proven Gamer has partnered with the Humble Bundle!  The Humble Bundle is a fantastic initiative and program that allows games to score a litany of games on the cheap — all while making charitable donations to various groups and organizations.  You can click here for the details on Proven Gamer’s Humble Bundle partnership.

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Battlefield 1 Available Now for Early Enlisters

The Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Deluxe Edition has been released worldwide on Xbox One, PlayStation4 and Origin on PC. Players with the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition will get into the full game up to three days before anyone else. Players will also receive three themed content packs stuffed with weapons, vehicles and other items, as well as three vehicle skins and five Battlepacks to enhance their Battlefield 1 experience. In addition, those who pre-ordered the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition will have up to a one-week advance on the new map, Giant’s Shadow, coming to Battlefield 1 as part of a free* update in December.

The three themed content packs include:
·         The Hellfighter Pack, inspired by the Harlem Hellfighters, the first African-American infantry unit and one of the toughest of the Great War. The pack contains themed items based on their heroic deeds.
·         The Red Baron Pack, to take to the skies crammed with items inspired by the famous fighter pilot, the flying ace of the German air force.
·         The Lawrence of Arabia Pack, where the weapons and items available are based on the adventures of the famous archeologist and diplomat who played a pivotal role in the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire.

Filled with a variety of new gameplay opportunities like piloting an airship through the French countryside or bringing a horse to a tank fight through the deserts of the Middle East, Battlefield 1 allows players to discover war on an epic scale at the dawn of all-out-war.

In Battlefield 1, DICE set out to build the most immersive and dynamicBattlefield game ever, continuing to improve their multiplayer sandbox experience. Through ever-changing environments with intuitive destruction and dynamic weather, no battle is ever the same. In the games unique single player campaign, players will immerse themselves in War Stories told by multiple protagonists with different backgrounds and skills from the Great War.

Battlefield 1 launches on October 21st worldwide on Xbox One, Origin for PC and PlayStation 4. The Early Enlister Deluxe Edition is still available for purchase until October 21st, for instant access to the game.

Check out the single-player trailer for Battlefield 1 below:


EA Announces Competitive Gaming Division

EA gets even more competitive.

EA Announces Competitive Gaming Division

Today Electronic Arts introduced a new division nested within the game division at EA, dubbed the Competitive Gaming Division. EA hopes to bring the essence of the Competitive Gaming market into the core of EA.

In a statement made on earlier today, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, stated the following:

I am excited to announce that Peter Moore is moving into a new role as Executive Vice President and Chief Competition Officer for Electronic Arts, leading our new EA Competitive Gaming Division (CGD).

With his new role, Peter Moore will over see all of the competitive gaming division including release games under the division like FIFA, Madden NFL, Battlefield and more. Not only this, the new division will also function under the “three core pillars”:

Competition – To create highly-engaging competitive experiences with our games, officially supported by Electronic Arts.

Community – To celebrate, connect and grow our community of players across all levels of expertise.

Entertainment – To develop live events and broadcasting that bring the spectacle of competition to millions of people around the world.

In addition to Peter Moore, EA also hired Todd Sitrin to become the marketing powerhouse that will guide the Competitive Gaming Division. Saying that:

Todd will lead strategy and operations for the CGD, working closely with our development studios to create an exciting competitive platform in our games.

As we got more information on the new venture for EA, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the changes. If you’re a competitive gamer, this sounds like it will be right up your alley.

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Press X To Win 23 – Call Of Duty: Let It Die Edition

On this week of Press X to Win podcast, the original crew is back to host. Nate finally comes to a realization that Call of Duty Isn’t really that great of a game and goes on quite the rant about the new Black Ops 3 game after playing the beta. We go over the history of Call of Duty through its ups and downs, our favorites and not so much from the whole series. Nate also thinks that the Mad Max game is going to be amazing for some reason. As always thank you for listening and enjoy!

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