April 24, 2024

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EA Announces Competitive Gaming Division

EA gets even more competitive.

EA Announces Competitive Gaming Division

Today Electronic Arts introduced a new division nested within the game division at EA, dubbed the Competitive Gaming Division. EA hopes to bring the essence of the Competitive Gaming market into the core of EA.

In a statement made on EA.com earlier today, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, stated the following:

I am excited to announce that Peter Moore is moving into a new role as Executive Vice President and Chief Competition Officer for Electronic Arts, leading our new EA Competitive Gaming Division (CGD).

With his new role, Peter Moore will over see all of the competitive gaming division including release games under the division like FIFA, Madden NFL, Battlefield and more. Not only this, the new division will also function under the “three core pillars”:

Competition – To create highly-engaging competitive experiences with our games, officially supported by Electronic Arts.

Community – To celebrate, connect and grow our community of players across all levels of expertise.

Entertainment – To develop live events and broadcasting that bring the spectacle of competition to millions of people around the world.

In addition to Peter Moore, EA also hired Todd Sitrin to become the marketing powerhouse that will guide the Competitive Gaming Division. Saying that:

Todd will lead strategy and operations for the CGD, working closely with our development studios to create an exciting competitive platform in our games.

As we got more information on the new venture for EA, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the changes. If you’re a competitive gamer, this sounds like it will be right up your alley.

As always, make sure you check out Proven Gamer for more information for EA and its games.


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