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Xbox One X Releases on November 7 at $499

Microsoft has announced that their new console, Xbox One X, will launch on November 7 for $499. All Xbox One accessories will be compatible with the new console; all old Xbox One games will run better on One X.  Among the improvements, games will have improved load times and graphics. Xbox One X will be the smallest Xbox console ever made.

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Recent Reports Indicate That The Nintendo NX Will Rely Heavily on Portability

Since Nintendo’s press conference at E3 2016, fans have been eagerly waiting to hear some news regarding their next home console, code named the Nintendo NX.  But perhaps it may not be a “home” console at all.  According to a leaked report from Eurogamer, Nintendo’s new piece of hardware will be a portable, handheld console with detachable controllers.  Gamers will have the option to either wield the high-powered console much like the Wii U Pad, or use the screen as a display as you detach duel controllers, transforming your NX into a mobile two player station!  Players will also have the option to connect the NX to their TV to display their latest Zelda or Mario games in the comfort of their own homes on their 70″ big screen.


It has also been reported that the console will integrate Nvidia’s powerful Tegra mobile processor, and will use cartridges as it’s source of physical media.  For a device dependant on it’s mobile play, the decision to use cartridges does not come as a surprise, but it has been suggested that Nintendo recommends the 32GB cartridge, which is relatively small considering the size of most modern gaming.  Due to the radical change in hardware and internal technology, it has been reported that there has been no plans for backwards compatibility, which has been one of Nintendo’s strong suits in recent years. However, sources suggest that the new system will be running on a new operating system from Nintendo.


Sources have also confirmed that Nintendo is currently in motion to finally unveil the console to the public, which is currently slated for September.  After a confusing marketing campaign surrounding the Wii U, the company has already planned a simple message to it’s fans of taking your games with you when you go.  It is unclear as to how Nintendo will show off it’s darling titles such as Mario and Zelda, or how The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will run on the NX versus the Wii U, but Nintendo has already made plans to release updated NX ports with some of it’s more well known titles such as Splatoon or Super Smash Bros.



Given the success of the Wii U, or lack thereof, could this be Nintendo’s last hurrah in the hardware realm?  It’s no secret that Nintendo has struggled in catching the attention of even it’s most loyal fans the last decade due to the push for more powerful consoles and heavy hitting Triple A titles. If Nintendo can truly deliver a fun and engaging console/handheld experience without all the inept gimmicks, then maybe they will have a “fighting chance” in this console generation.  For more on Nintendo NX, keep it locked right here at

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Nintendo Announces New and Familiar NES Console

Nintendo announced  earlier this morning on Twitter that they will be realeasing a new NES Console named the Mini NES Classic Edition on November 11th later this year.  The Console will be bundled with an HDMI cable, a USB cable which powers the console, and a controller.  30 games will be available to play at launch including Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and Mega Man 2 and will run entirely off of emulation.  Additional NES controllers can be purchased for a low price of $10 each, but if you already own a Classic Controller or Classic Controller pro, each of those will work on the NES mini as well.  The Console will launch with a price of $60.

This should keep Nintendo fans busy until the Nintendo NX launches next year.


Below is a list of every game that will be available at launch:

  • Balloon Fight
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Castlevania
  • Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
  • Donkey Kong
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Double Dragon II
  • Dr. Mario
  • Excitebike
  • Final Fantasy
  • Galaga
  • Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins
  • Gradius
  • Ice Climber
  • Kid Icarus
  • Kirby’s Adventure
  • Mario Bros.
  • Mega Man 2
  • Metroid
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • Pac-man
  • Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
  • StarTropics
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Tecmo Bowl
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

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Limited Edition Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle Will Launch April 26

For those of you upset to hear about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End being delayed (by only a month), Sony is making it up to you by announcing a Limited Edition PS4 Bundle which will launch on April 26 in North America and April 27 in Europe upon the release of the game.

In the US and Canada, a 500GB Gray Blue PS4 with a silk-screened image of Nathan Drake will be available on April 26 for $399.99 USD/$499.99 CAD. The bundle also includes a matching DualShock 4 and a physical copy of Uncharted 4, with the PlayStation 4 itself also featuring the PlayStation logo, Uncharted logo, and the phrase “SIC PARVIS MAGNA” in gold, which is Latin for “Greatness from small beginnings”.

Pre Orders started  today and include a voucher for an Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Outfit, Golden Weapon Skin, and Uncharted Points to use in multiplayer

Beginning in early March, the Blue Gray Dualshock 4 controller will be sold seperately for $64.99 USD and $89.99 CAD.

dualshock-4-grey-blue-two-column-01-ps4-us-01feb16Also available early in March, a limited edition Gray Blue version of the Playstation Gold Wireless Headset will hit store shelves for $99.99 USD and $119.99 CAD.

limited-edition-uncharted-4-gold-wireless-headset-two-column-01-ps4-us-01feb16Europe will be offered a 1TB Gray Blue PS4 with all the fixings, although preorders have not yet started but are expected soon, along with pricing information. The Gray Blue Dualshock 4 will be available for purchase separately in Europe in early April.