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Fast-Paced Pixilated Arcade Shooter Pixel Gear Available for Playstation VR

Oasis Games Ltd, a leading independent Chinese publisher, has announced that its second PlayStationVR title, Pixel Gear, is now available on the PlayStation Store. Developed exclusively for PS VR, Pixel Gear is a colorful and fast-paced 3D pixel shooter with a variety of comical monsters, zombies and ghosts as enemies to defeat.

Pixel Gear is a wonderful introduction to PlayStation VR gaming with its vibrant 3D pixel graphics, easy to pick-up and play controls, and fun level of challenge that everyone in the family can enjoy,” said Alen Wu, business director at Oasis Games. “The look resonates well with kids, and it’s easy to grab your pixel gun and step into the colorful world filled with nonstop action where you must aim and destroy attacking ghosts and goblins before they get you!”

Pixel Gear includes six levels chock full with a variety of interactive objects that exhibit entertaining reactions when hit, and a host of cool upgradeable weapons and power-ups that grant the ability to slow down or even stop time. Precision is key as players combat fun baddies such as witches, skeletons, bats, undead knights and ghouls, while unlocking various weapons and upgrades to prepare themselves for the thrilling boss battles that end each level. Don’t get too caught up in the action and shoot the innocent angels! Harming them will also harm you.

Starting with the default laser pistol with unlimited ammo, players can earn coins to unlock additional weapons, power-ups and ammo by shooting ghosts to make them drop their gold. Unlockable weapons include submachine pistols, the long range sniper rifle and other handy weapons for taking down level bosses. Gear up and blast your way through all of the levels and up the difficulty level to achieve the highest score!

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Konami Reveals Extensive Gameplay Trailer at TGS 2016

At the Tokyo Game Show 2016, Konami revealed an extensive 15 minute gameplay demo of their upcoming title Metal Gear Survive, a cooperative Metal Gear title that pits players against….. zombies?  The game has received quite the backlash since it’s announcement in mid August, but despite recent events with Hideo Kojima’s departure, it appears Konami seeks to prove that this new installment in the Metal Gear series is much more than a “cash grab”.

The demo, all being powered by the Fox Engine found in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, features a cooperative mission where four Motherbase soldiers must tread through a zombie infested map completing objectives in hopes to return home after being transported to an alternate world.  In typical zombie game fashion, players are tasked with collecting materials to build tools and weapons to aid them in their survival.  Like previous titles, you can choose to use items to help you sneak around the enemy, such as lures, or opt to take out the enemies one by one using stealth or the variety of melee and ranged weapons at your disposal.

Click on the video below to view the gameplay demo for Metal Gear Survive!


All Games Should Have An Option To Skip Cutscenes

We all experience it when playing single-player games. After starting the console, we wait for a minute for the machine to load the game. Then, a few seconds to find our save file. After that, the game will take another minute to load. And, after a few minutes of game play, we’ll see a cutscene in the game. Seeing cutscenes is all well and good if you’re playing the game for the first time. But what if it’s your 10th time and you want to skip it and just continue on with the game play?

Cutscenes that can’t be skipped can be very annoying. So annoying that sometimes, it makes players want to throw the controller on the ground and go on a rampage.

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The better the quality of the game, the more data it requires to run. This is why some PlayStation 4 games take a really long time to load. Have you played Dragon Age: Inquisition using a PS4? Madness. Each loading time takes about 2 full minutes. While the loading scenes are understandable since they’re imperative for the game to play properly, it just doesn’t make sense for game developers to not include a skip cutscene option in some parts of a single-player game.

Heck, even online games have a skip cutscene option, and that is online game play where people share their experience with others. Unfortunately, single-player games like Second Son require their players to re-watch all of the cutscenes that you’ve already seen millions of times.

There are, however, cases where not being able to skip cutscenes is ok. There’s Resident Evil 5 which uses cutscenes as part of the game play where people need to press specific buttons or else they’ll instantly die. While using cutscenes in the actual game play is great, using them to hide long loading times isn’t. Second Son’s developer admitted to the fact that the cutscenes are being used to hide long loading backgrounds.

Console developers should keep in mind that mobile gaming is gaining ground on gaming sales with millions playing via their phones everyday. Gaming Realms, a software developer that makes online games, asserts that there has been a huge shift in demand from traditional computing devices to mobile thanks to the latter’s advancements when it comes to connectivity. Mobile games don’t take a long time to load, and their cutscenes can be skipped, making them the preferred option for people with busy schedules or simply those who have no time to wait for 2-minute cutscenes to finish. Gamers today want everything fast, and console developers will have to adapt to the demands otherwise they could lose their grasp on the market faster than they think.

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