April 16, 2024

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Crysis 2

If you’re one of the many people who never played the first Crysis, (like me) you are left with some curiosity about Crysis 2. After playing this impressive first person shooter, I feel like my curiosity was rewarded.

Some people may hesitate playing a sequel without playing the first game, but the beauty of Crysis 2, for all those 360 and PS3 fans, is that Crysis 2’s storyline is a stand alone game. Crysis 2 fills in the back story so you don’t have to play the first game to understand Crysis 2.

The story focuses on Alcatraz, a marine sent to help assist NYC citizens evade destruction. Armed with the power of the nano-suit 2, you must venture into the heart of NYC to save citizens, team up with marines, and take down the alien menance.

The story touches on some dark and disturbing elements. Traveling through an abandoned and flooded city felt synonymous to the New Orleans’ disaster. Watching a building collapse onto another (in first person view) is close to the horror of 9/11. Finally the elements of battles between soldiers, mercenaries, and aliens feels like Cloverfield and War of the Worlds  had a huge impact to the game.

The game may touch on some sensitive points, but those elements mix into the story to help produce a riveting story that that can keep player’s attention. Even though all these elements seem like the odds are against you, your nano suit 2 gives you more than enough abilities (combined with the arsenal of customizable weapons) to tackles any obstacles. From cloak abilities to maximum armor mode for head-on assaults and aggressive bosses, Crysis 2 gives you the potential to take on all forces.

The game play is open sandbox level based, which means you have to progress through levels to advance but you have creativity to approach these huge levels. You can sneak around the enemies’ gates through a cloaking ability or you can increase your armor and storm the gates guns blazing. The choice of game play is yours to decide.

The game play also allows the gamer the ability to gain extra abilities that give you an advantage such as enemy footsteps to see the path enemies have patrolled, silent footstep to prevent enemies from noticing you while cloaked, or the ability to see enemies that are also cloaked. Crysis 2 offers a plethora of abilities that can make the Predator jealous.

Crysis 2 contains action game play, plot twists that are as intense as a 24 episode, a powerful orchestral soundtrack, and stunning graphics that will keep the gamer locked into the story and wanting more.

If the single player experience isn’t you thing, Crysis 2 provides a multiplayer experience that is very entertaining. The multiplayer mode is 6 vs. 6 combat, which you will discover is more than enough when you dive in Crysis 2’s online matches. Aside from kill streak abilities, upgradeable and unlock-able weapons, and customizable character classes, the game combines the stealth and armor modes that can make gamer think outside the box when approaching team deathwatch or capture and hold game play.


Breaching a room filled with enemies or camping for other players has a different feel when you are invisible. Crysis 2 multiplayer’s abilities gives you the feeling that you can be on top with your kill streak, to instantly losing them to an invisible enemies and, in turn, that enemy can easily lose it from another invisible enemy.

The only downside, I had, with multiplayer is the spawning and respawning point throughout the levels. At certain times the game will spawn a you behind another person or respawn you in front of the person that just fragged you. I was fragged by someone camping at the end of the hallway only to respawn at the other end of that same hallway for that camping player to get another frag. Hopefully this is a problem that EA can fix with a future patch.

All in all, Crysis 2 contains a single and multiplayer experience that can keep the gamer playing for a long period of time. If you are looking for a graphically impressive shooter that contains a wild ride, than you should give Crysis 2 a try.

I give Crysis 2 a thumbs up for all our ProvenGamer fans.

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