June 15, 2024

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Lego Star Wars 3 Review

Following the hit Cartoon Network TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Lego Star Wars III takes the first season and transforms it into the cute and funny cinema that the Lego series is known for.

The game allows you to progress through the episodes at your own choice. If you’re tired of trying to destroy the Malevolence star ship, then follow the episode that requires you to hunt Lego Count Dooku. If you want to go back to the Malevolence, go right ahead. The urge to chose the level progression is left up to the gamer for his or her enjoyment.

There are three new features that can keep a gamer on his/her toes. The first feature is the ability to play two different characters in two different places. At one point, I was playing as Asoka attacking General Grievous, but in order for me to progress I need to have Anakin Skywalker destroy a part of the space ship. By holding down the character switch button, I was able to switch characters and have the A.I. control Asoka. This gives the gamer the opportunity to see all aspects without the you worrying losing your place on the other side of the board.

The next big feature is the ability for a lego character to play on a massive level without any loading problems. On one level, I was Mace Windu fighting inside a massive star ship. I was able to jump into a star fighter, travel outside the star ship, blow up huge parts of the hull, and fly into the new levels of the star ship. All this is done with NO LOADING SCREENS. The developers have taken one of the best feature of the Star Wars Battlefront series and augmented it for a whole new experience.

Creating this much damage, to a huge star ship feels, just as epic as taking on the giant creature in Shadow of the Colossusor or Kratos taking on a massive titan in God of War III.

The third feature feels more of a Battlefront/Command & Conquer strategy style series. There are two opposing forces, your side and the enemy side, on the battlefield. You can create different building, like barracks or tanks, on your side of the field. What you build will produce A.I. combatants that will aid you in your conquest of the level. The enemy A.I. will be doing the same as well, so venturing into the enemy side and razing enemy structures is vital in winning the match.

All in all, Lego Star Wars III retains the same humorous game play as its predecessors and more. If only they’d make a Lego Grand Theft Auto game. I give Lego Star Wars III thumbs up for all our ProvenGamer fans.

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