February 21, 2024

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Trophy Whores 38 – Here’s the Rock

Trophy Whores is back, like a rock. TrickyMic and hardrocknguy welcome Iyield2no1, one part of the FrontTowardsGamer’s Gametwerp Podcast. Join them as they talk about Sony Jail-breaking Raids, Bundles, Game companies in trouble, Game delays, and much more. Please do not forget to go to ProvenGamer.com forum section to leave comments on the show, and leave us a review on iTunes. Find us on Facebook: ProvenGamer. Find us on Twitter: @TrophyWhores and @ProvenGamer to subscribe. And leave us a message at 330-PROVEN9 (330-776-8639) or email us at TrophyWhores@ProvenGamer.com

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If you wish, you can always download the show here – Trophy Whores 38 – Here’s The Rock

If you wish, you can always download the show here

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