June 15, 2024

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Zombie Gunship Review

Zombies are everywhere. They’re in just about every game these days. It seems like one can’t explore a game without encountering zombies in a story line, DLC, or secret code. While there is nothing wrong with being a zombie fanatic, what is the point of having one more zombie game on the roster?

That is where this review of Zombie gun ship comes in. There is no real story to this tablet game. Then again, most zombie stories are all the same. A mysterious outbreak turns the majority of the human population into zombies. The survivors are struggling to find safety from the end of the world. It is all the same. And so on.

In zombie gunship, you circle the air above a lonely bunker. Your goal in this first person shooter tablet game is to rain destructive gunpowder to the undead. At the same time, you have to avoid shooting the civilians running to the bunker.

The whole game is viewed in infrared vision from the sky. Graphics are pretty simplistic for an aerial view of a battlefield.

The game ends when a zombie enters the bunker or if you kill too many civilians. Afterwards, your score converts to currency which allows you to buy new weapons and upgrades.

So why play this simplistic game? The game is simple for anyone to play. Upgrading your gunship’s weaponry improve your score against the undead. The urge to see your upgrades in action is very rewarding!

Zombie gunship is a great game for those on the go or those who need to do something on a lunch break. It’s simplistic, has high replay value, and costs .99 cents off the apple store.

I give Zombie gunship thumbs up for all ProvenGamer fans.

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