May 24, 2024

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Nights Into Dreams HD Review

Many say that the most iconic dreams are those which incorporate one of mankind’s oldest and deepest desires…the gift of flight. Nights into Dreams paints a colorful landscape for this desire and then gives you complete, unfiltered control over it. A classic game that largely helped to define a console has found its way to the PSN. It’s a simple HD port of course, but nonetheless PS3 owners can now enjoy this legend of old.


Like many past games whose influence has tapped into our wallet even after all their years of stagnancy, Nights into Dreams is not for the modern generation of gamers. If the console “Sega Saturn” does not bring back memories for you, then you should stay as far away from this PSN purchase as possible. However, if you were influenced by the original release of this game as so many others were, then there is plenty to look forward to in this HD port.


In case you’ve forgotten, this magical world takes place from the perspective of two young children, Claris and Elliot. They have stumbled upon a dream world, in which Nights (a flying purple cousin of Sonic the hedgehog) is fleeing from capture by the king of an evil army. You’ll quickly gain control of Nights and begin satisfying that desire of flight with seamless controls. The HD port does much justice to this colorful world, as the visuals look fantastic. Leaderboards and trophies are a few other nice additions to this game that will encourage anybody to work just a little bit harder this time around.


Unless you’re familiar with the game from previous experience, Nights into Dreams does a pretty bang-up job explaining the objective. Anyone who gives this a serious chance will soon realize that in each level there are blue orbs to collect. Twenty of these orbs are the key to advancing on through each level. This is a piece of cake in the early stages, but this adventure quickly turns into a race against the clock as you stumble to meet this goal in time. Manage to race through a level, and you’ll be confronted by that stage’s respective boss. While these fights can be a blast, each offering its own unique feel, dying will result in a complete reset of the level, forcing you to do all of that hard work collecting orbs entirely over.


Nights into Dreams is a classic experience for players who enjoyed the original. It’s colorful, fast-paced and fun, with a few minor design flaws. Newcomers beware, this game will offer very little appeal to those who are coming into it for the first time.

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