April 17, 2024

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Worms Revolution Review

Worms Revolution is the type of game that’ll leave you intrigued and wanting more. It sets you in an environment that you control and are capable of destroying to use to your advantage. In the beginning you go through the tutorial giving you the basic run down of the game and how it works; showing how in-depth it actually goes.

The controls for this game are simple and fitting; Left and Right arrow keys to adjust which direction you’re going, and the Up and Down arrow keys to adjust where you want to fire your weapon. Being able to adjust where you are is important when also adjusting where you’re firing your weapon. Going to a place descent enough to get the shot off yet not too difficult to make is nice because then youre left assured that nothing will go wrong… Unless you have horrible aim.

This game brings you in and allows you to enjoy crushing your enemies in the most complex of ways or the most simple of ways. Four different classes give you different abilities the Scout, Heavy, Soldier, and Scientist. Being able to have a variety of worms with different skills really adds to the complexity previously mentioned. You’ll have different tasks that you’ll want to accomplish depending on where you are placed and what you are doing. Whether it be going on a mission to retrieve a nearby crate or to go and being your attack on the enemy team. The variety of situations you’re capable of being placed in is enjoyable and the best part is the unique way in which everyone deals with that situation.

The graphics are really fitting for this game. They allow you to see your environment and be able to think of ways in which to utilize it. The character design is simple yet nice, making it easy to distinguish between the different worms. This is helpful because you wouldn’t want to get mixed up with which one does what, even though there are only four different classes. The way the water was made and how it moves is rather nice as well.Being able to use water to your advantage and watch it flow gives the game a nice touch. The sound is nice as well, giving you a nice tune as you fight your battles or browse through the menu.

Worms Revolution had no issues with bugs or glitches like most other games. The ability to play this game smoothly without any problems gives it even more enjoyment. I did have very few issues, but they were very minor and honestly gave me no trouble at all. To be completely honest, a game with no bugs or glitches is rather difficult to find nowadays.

Worms Revolution was a very enjoyable game and has great replay value. Being able to blast away my enemies in different complex ways was nice, especially when having the capability to use the environment to my advantage. The AI is nice, the enemy team you face is smart and this is very good as it provides a challenge as you progress through each level.

Worms Revolution gets a 10/10

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