April 16, 2024

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Insurgency 2 Preview

The multiplayer shooter is common among games, whether it’s the go-to genre for an upstart indie studio, or a method to chew all the money in the world. Insurgency is one of the former, although it was unsuccessful. The game is aiming for a realistic tone, emphasising the competitive scene. It has a large number of weapons but the maps are small and confusing, and feel soulless. There are only three maps and modes, and for $20 it feels like a rip off.


The gameplay is very reminiscent of Counter Strike. Most mistakes could be attributed to the game’s unfinished state or the server I played on, but they were still glaring. Shooting feels sticky and flat, with very little weight or feel behind the weapons, and when shooting is the only mechanic, this is a major problem. Updates may fix this, but at the time of playing, it stood out. The servers are also terrible for anyone non US, and it has a somewhat elitist community, showcased by a moment in which I was belittled because I did not know about programming or guns.


The game looks good, considering it’s on eight year old technology. Lighting and shaders are nice, but the texturing could be better. Textures look muddy and washed out, but they may be improved in the beta updates. Sound effects are quite good, giving tension to the firefights, which would be a chore otherwise. There is a lack of noticeable music in the game, although music is not likely to be a deal breaker for the target audience.


I tend to go into games looking for an experience or escapism, but playing solo felt like a dull grind. When playing with someone you know, that changes. You feel a small sense of accomplishment after taking out your friend for the first time, or taking an objective well. The game feels very boiler plate, with very few new ideas, and the original features are implemented poorly. Any glimpse of potential is squandered quickly, leaving a bland mush left. If the game was free, I would be slower to criticize, but charging for a generic shell feels lazy. This is an alpha, so most issues can be ironed out, but in the state I played it, I can’t recommend looking out for it.

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