April 22, 2024

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Call Of Duty Elite Shutting Down

Call of Duty Elite will be shut down on Friday, February 28th according to Activision. They also said they don’t plan on bringing it back.

They did encourage users to switch to the Call of Duty app instead which has most of the same features and more. This includes things such as Clan Wars and a second screen to enhance the Call of Duty experience. Using Clan Wars, players can earn special, exclusive gear within the game. The app also allows the user to customize their multiplayer character on a mobile device.

“Founders”, members who have joined at the founding of Call of Duty Elite in 2011, will get to keep their badge, but all stat information and clan access will be inaccessible. Members who joined by January 1st of this year will also receive a 2-hour double XP in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Also, any videos that you uploaded to Call of Duty Elite will moved to your Youtube account if you linked one to Call of Duty Elite.

The Call of Duty app will be available for use in Ghosts and future Call of Duty games.

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