July 22, 2024

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Yoshida Apologizes for Game Delays

Sony Worldwide Studios Boss Shuhei Yoshida sat down with Playstation 
Lifestyle to apologize for PS4 game delays, and explains why 
it’s happening.

“So I apologize for some of the games we pushed back”, but when people 
ask me that, “We’ve been saying that the PS4 is very easy to develop 
for”. Then the question is, why are the teams taking their time? The 
reason is, it’s very easy to develop games on the PS4, except that PS4 
can do so much, that a team’s ambition is much higher. What they are 
trying to achieve is very challenging, for something new. More realistic 
graphics, social connectivity, or seamless integration of single-player 
and multi-player. They have been encountering new kinds of challenges, 
so they have to take more time than they have anticipated. Luckily, more 
people are now more understanding and more accommodating for the needs 
of the developers. And (gamers) say they’d rather wait to play the best 
game the team can develop rather than play a rushed title, because each 
development is such a big effort.

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