April 17, 2024

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The Witness Review

If you need to know one thing about my review of The Witness, it is this game is a fun, challenging and interesting game that can keep you curious for days. The witness is a beautiful and intriguing game which focuses on you own abilities to solve puzzles and progress through the game.

The Witness is an open world game that allows you to explore every part of the world if you can solve to puzzles to get there. The gameplay mechanics of The Witness are simple because they are a First Person game that have very few abilities. You can walk, run, and work on puzzles. The mechanics are the simplest part of the game because the puzzles increase with difficulty as you travel around any and every part of the island.


When puzzles get hard (and they get very hard) The Witness doesn’t punish you for not completing them. It is often best to walk away from certain puzzles because not every puzzle needs to be solves in the game. Explore the island is often best for you because every aspect of the island can be a clue. Every rock, every tree, every building seems to be placed on the island which can lead to solving a puzzle you can’t quite grasp. I was trying my hardest to solve a glass puzzle for 20 minutes until I saw a rock formation in the ocean that gave away the answer to the puzzle. Everything on this island produces subtle images for solving the most complex puzzles.

puzzle solved

The witness doesn’t have a story for you to follow since your main objective appears to be lighting up an obelisk on top of the highest mountain. Despite not having that much of a story, The Witness allows you to uncover the mystery behind the abandoned island. Every part of this island seems cool, unique, and mysterious as you travel every inch. Traveling through abandoned towns with stone statues of people through a desert next to a forest leaves you wondering what this Island is really about. I unlocked a puzzle on a door of a wooden windmill thinking I would travel to the top of the structure. To my surprise the door lead me down a bizarre series of stair and into a bunker making me wondering what is happening here.


He only thing that may hinder someone from buying this game is the rather steep price of $40. Many people would question the high price for a game about solving puzzles. Those concerns are valid and may make you hesitate to download the game. I feel my experience was fun and I am glad I purchased the game. If you feel the price is too high, I would advise you to pick it up the moment a special sale occurs.


The Witness is a smart and impressive game that tests your problem solving abilities throughout the entire game. The Witness as hours and hours of gameplay that will leave you enjoying the mysterious island and it can be a fun game to play with friends.


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