April 17, 2024

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Rez Infinite on Playstation VR

Today, Friday April 21st is the first day at PAXEAST 2016 in Boston, Ma. The very first booth I went straight to was the Playstation booth and jumped on the line for Playstation VR. They have two lines formed,and you get to demo the game that is ready at the moment. In demo A the games are Rigs, Job Simulator, Thumper, Headmaster and Gnog. In demo B, VR Worlds, Harmonix Music VR, Wayward Shy, Rez Infinite and Rush of Blood. I had the oppurtunity to play Rez Inifite using the Playstation VR. The guy explained to me that I would be using the dual shock 4 along with the PS VR. The guy told me that all I have to do is look at the objects to aim at the targets press down on x and release to shoot. Once the game started various objects were coming towards me and I aimed and shot. The one thing that I truly liked was that I was able to pull a 180 degree turn and get the objects that I missed.


Rez Infinite originally came out on Dream Cast, Playstation 2 and Xbox 360. The game will be released on the PS4 sometime this year, the date has not been announced yet. The game is only downloadable for the PS4, sorry guys and gals you are unable to purchase in a store. I will leave you with this, I enjoyed playing Rez Infinite on the Playstation VR and I am looking forward to playing it when it is released.


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