June 15, 2024

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Horror Adventure Alone?-VR Launches on October 7th

Immerse yourself in a true virtual reality horror experience with the release of “Alone?-VR” for HTC Vive, scheduled for release Friday 7th October 2016 on Steam.

Explore and experience a fully immersive world as you embark on an adventure like nothing you have played before. Come face-to-face with terror itself as you navigate around a haunted house, underground caverns, gloomy caves, and an old decrepit morgue. But beware: some mysteries are best left alone.

Your sister Michelle, is missing. All you have to go by is a letter that was left in the post. Reading it, you find that the letter is from your sister, and is a plea for help; it begs for you to return to your childhood home, and to help with the strange occurrences that have been plaguing her over the past few months.

Can you track down your missing sister? And discover the strange happenings at the home where he grew up in? All awhile, learning about the sinister activities that are occurring in their childhood home. But beware, nothing is as it seems.

Alone?-VR features a unique control scheme that allows for full immersion by utilizing the trackpad to move, appose to traditional teleporting around the scene. In addition, there are four endings to find, three unique environments (all of which is fully interactive with), and a soundtrack that enhances immersion and tension. Brace yourself, for anything can happen, and at any time.

Check out the launch trailer for Alone?-VR below:

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