June 20, 2024

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Nintendo Switch will Feature 3 Playstyles

After the initial launch trailer for the Nintendo Switch, much of the conversation revolved around what the different ways to play the console would be. At the Nintendo Switch presentation, it was revealed that the Switch would have 3 main playstyles.

1)TV Mode:

This will be the traditional gaming experience. Players can either use the Joy-Con Controllers attached to Joy-Con Grip or the Switch Pro Controller.

2)Tabletop Mode:  Using the included kickstand, players can put the switch on any surface and use the Joy-Cons for either single-player or multiplayer.

3)Handheld Mode:

By sliding the Joy-Cons onto either side of the Switch Console, players will get the handheld experience of the console.

As more information is revealed on the Switch, Proven Gamer will keep you in the loop!

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