June 15, 2024

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Telltale Reveals New Seasons of Batman, Wolf Among Us, and Final Season of Walking Dead

In a video update earlier today, Telltale Games announced that there are three new games in development.

Batman: The Enemy Within will be the first to release. The first episode of season two, “The Enigma” will release on August 8. From the reveal video, it appears that The Riddler will be the main villain of this season. It was also confirmed that players will be able to bring in decisions from the first season. The first episode is right around the corner, releasing Aug 8th.

Telltale also announced that The Wolf Among Us will return for a second season in 2018. The game will be a standalone product, separate from season one.

Finally, the fourth and final season of The Walking Dead is also in development and will release in 2018. Clementine will be back as the playable character for the final installment.

Check out the summer update video below from Telltale which outlines their plans for the three games:

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