July 14, 2024

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RockSteady Teases New Developments, coming ” soon”

Like the Dark Knight vanishing into the shadows of Gotham City, Rocksteady Games have been relatively quiet since the 2015 release of Batman: Arkham Knight and last year’s release of Batman: Arkham VR. BatmanL Arkhamn Knight was seen as a satisfying conclusion to the Arkham sries of games, a franchise that unarguably changed the way action and comic book hero video games are amde forever. For Arkham VR. It was seen as a fun, but extremely short tech demo that demonstrated the capabilities of VR.

Today, Gaz Deaves, Marketing Manager at Rocksteady Games, tweeted something that will certainly whet the appetites of those waiting for Rocksteady’s next big move.

What this could possibly mean is anyone’s guess. Fans have been clamoring for Rocksteady to take the leay= on more superhero video games, especially those that are licensed by DC Comics. For several years, there have been rumors of a BAtman Beyond Game that could possibly be made, along with the possibility of bringing Superman into the video game arena, as the Man Of Steel has had quite an appalling history in the world fo video games.


For now, we will have to wait and see. AS the caped crusader once said, ” Expect the Unexpected.”


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