May 30, 2024

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Trophy Whores 390 – Splinter Cell and Twitter Crossover

There are certainly better ways to announce a game.  For instance, you could write the news on a piece of paper, tie that paper to a pigeon’s leg, and let that pigeon hop about the streets of New York City.  On second thought, people don’t pay attention to pigeons, other than to shoo them away, so perhaps it’s best, Ubisoft, if you give the news to a dog to distribute.  People love dogs.  Like Ghost on Game of Thrones.  Such a good fucking boy.

In other news, Alex cracks into the free PlayStation Plus offerings for May, and Tricky tries to stave off his pulsating desire to play The Last of Us Part 2.  Join the Trophy Whores as they discuss, among other things, What Remains of Edith Finch, The Last of Us Part 2, Fortnite (and John Wick) and Splinter Cell.

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