June 17, 2024

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April Fools Update To Critically Acclaimed ‘House Flipper’ On STEAM™ Offers Turtle House To Renovate On A Deserted Island!

Indie game publisher Frozen District is proud to announce a fun and exciting April Fools update to their critically acclaimed House Flipper franchise on PC, offering fixer uppers a unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to renovate a Turtle House located on a deserted island! House Flipper is an award-winning series of games developed by Empyrean with millions of downloads available on PC, PC-VR and all major gaming consoles, including Xbox® and Sony®.

April Fools Update:

Game Trailer:

House Flipper is a massively popular game where your task is to clean, renovate and resell properties for a profit; it is a stimulating single-player simulation challenging your skills and abilities as a one-person handyman and small business owner. Fix, decorate and furnish interiors with 100s of unique items and turn ordinary properties into nuggets of gold and strike it rich if you are successful.

The April Fools update to House Flipper adds fun new stuff! You can now renovate and flip a Turtle House on a deserted island! You can switch from night- to day-cycle; there are new sliding doors, narrow options for bathroom and living room doors, pouf and sofa tortoise, new easels and even cool sunglasses! Major additions include the option to paint the sides of stairs any color of your choice, items can now be hung from other ceiling-like structures, such as window recesses. Realism has been improved with more commercials on the virtual TV and the clocks now display the proper correct time; and finally, strafing stuttering should no longer be a problem! Oh, and the paranormal activities in the Halloween house can now be disabled. Rejoice all the scaredy-cats out there!

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