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Trophy Whores 106 – The Lost Episode

The Whores are back to bring you some more news! Join TrickyMic and Donny as they welcome newest whore, Iyield2no1, to his first offical show. The guys are taking next week off for Easter but will be back the following week

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By Trophy Whores

ProvenGamer's Official PlayStation Podcast. From Trophy Strategies, New & Upcoming Games, Rumors And More, The Guys Cover And Talk About Anything And Everything Sony Related.

2 replies on “Trophy Whores 106 – The Lost Episode”

Check out my Facebook page, i run with me and 2 other friends. Loved the mention! #TrophyWhores4Life! #nWoWolfPac #nWoOriginalFan

It’s name is C.C.S.N. used to stand for Chris and Curt’s Slammin Newsletter, when we ran two wrestling focused newsletters on AOL, but once we launched a GeoCities page, we renamed it Chris and Curt’s Slammin’ Network… and real life got in the way for about 10 years, but we’re back! Also check me out on YouTube! link is in the website bracket! Peace and always be Whorin’
Dusty Curtman the 3rd (internet name)
Curtman2k20 on FaceBook and Google +, get the links if u go to my YouTube page! Peace!

What’s up guys! I like the new theme song! =D I’ve still been listening and love the show, keep up the awesome work! Just got my 41st PLATINUM in Tomb Raider and I’m almost trophy level 19! Wooo

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